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People hear what they want to hear.

In this industry, perspective is everything.

I still remember what it felt like when I first dipped my toes into internet marketing and saw what was possible.

To be honest that feeling is exhilarating.

You probably know what I’m talking about.

When you first see the potential of what you can truly earn online.

You start rubbing shoulders with people actually doing 6 figures a month and you let yourself imagine what that can do for you.

What it can do for your current situation.

The things you can do.

The people you can help.

It’s quite a feeling.

And if you’re not careful you can get carried away with it.

This is the most crucial moment for beginners.

The moment between realising what is possible with internet marketing and doing something about it is where 90% of people fail.

They become starry-eyed, construct unrealistic expectations and just hear what they want to hear.

This more than often leads to becoming totally attached to the outcome and giving no mind to the actual process.

In this moment, we tend to only focus on the numbers.

Big mistake.

I know it because I was the outsider looking in.

I heard what I wanted to hear and if I am being honest I allowed myself to believe the hype.

I let myself dream a little too extravagantly.

And, of course, I paid the price.

But, the point is.

If you are reading this and you find yourself at the critical point.

You know what is possible and your eager to get there.

Take a moment and learn from my own mistake.

Focus on the processes that get long term results.

There are no shortcuts and you will thank yourself in the long run if you start putting your efforts into learning the process of becoming a proper marketer now.

Detach from the outcome, keep working hard on the process and the results will take care of themselves.