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I’ve given this some considerable thought.

And while there is no doubt a virus spreading globally.

There is something far more dangerous that’s been spreading for a while.

Global corruption.

This Corona virus can almost be viewed as a symbolic metaphor for the wider corruption going on in the world.

From attacks on basic human rights, to blatant abuse and misuse of power, to corrupt politicians acting against the peoples best interests rather than for it and animal abuse continuing to grow.

The storm has been brewing.

Perhaps we looked the other way for too long.

The spread of corruption and unscrupulous behavior has gone on unchecked.

I guess it’s easy to ignore when you can’t “see it”.

But now we have a virus that’s very visible to see and perhaps it’s symbolic of the wider issue.

Perhaps now, we should take measures to stop the spread of corruption in the same way we are with the Virus.

Perhaps the pasta and toilet roll holders highlight this more than ever.

People have become even more self-absorbed and greedy instead of learning from this (from a symbolic standpoint).

Maybe it’s time we not only try and eradicate the Corona Virus but also the corruption and human rights violation which are so apparent across the globe but often go unchecked.

This is my take on it….just my 2 cents.

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