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    How Bad Do You REALLY Want It?

    How bad do you REALLY want to achieve your goal of earning an online income? As bad as you want to breathe? I can safely say “probably not”, otherwise you would have already achieved it. The biggest barrier that stands between us and everything we want to achieve is our own desire. Having the desire that drives you to do the difficult things that are necessary to get what you want. Accomplishing that goal isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to be hard. The question is … Do you want it bad enough to do what it takes? There are lots of things that I would “like to have…

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    Digital Marketing Strategies

    Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies 2020 The field of digital marketing is constantly changing, with new opportunities sprouting around every corner. However are things looking greener for digital companies ? To assist your business stay on the best side of the fence, here are 5 digital marketing tactics you should be using this year. Voice search Customers desire their voices heard. Literally. It was predicted that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, and voice marketing is revealing no signs of quietening down. With numerous searches spoken every day, is it time that you welcomed Alexa and Siri to your next SEO team conference? You need to…

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    The money is in the list

    I am a BIG FAN of email marketing. No surprise, if you have been gotten in touch with me for a while. The factor I enjoy e-mail so much is due to the fact that it is still THE BEST WAY to get a direct line to your audience. If you wish to make money online, then you remain in the Audience Service. You are building an audience of individuals that know, like, and trust you. You build that trust by sharing content with them that is useful, entertaining, and motivational to assist them achieve an objective. No matter what goal you help individuals achieve … business side of making…