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A lot of people don’t know this.

But even though I spend a lot of my time with paid ads.

It was organic marketing where I earned my stripes.

When it comes to generating leads and turning them into customers organically, I have pretty much got this process down to an exact science.

Over the past 5 years I have devised a truly unique and remarkably effective Organic marketing approach.

Right from lead generation, to outreach, engagement and of course conversion.

Here are a few reasons most people get it wrong.

Their mindset is all wrong.

Going into organic marketing without the correct mindset approach is a recipe for disaster.

A lot of people just go in there blindly and try and smash the like button on as many posts as possible.

They turn up robotic and from a place of low value.

The way to do it is show up every day as a leader.

Always lead with value and try and truly help and inspire as many people in your audience as possible.

Sales through organic marketing become effortless when it is just an extension of the value provided upfront versus trying to push something onto them.

They don’t have a strategy.

Organic marketing is a process just like paid advertising.

If you don’t play the long game and fail to have a proper strategy in place you won’t maximize results.

It’s very simple.

Identify your target market, connect with them and bring them into your Ecosystem.

Then distribute unique, quality content on a consistent basis speaking directly to your target audience.

Extend the value provided through an offer (whatever it is you’re selling).

They prioritize likes over value.

The main problem with most organic marketing strategies is that they teach too much low value generic posting.

For example if you just copy and paste motivational quotes every single day, you are going to get tons of engagement.

And that’s fine.

But the problem is you are going to attract 100 other people who do the exact same thing.

So now you have the same recycled audience just liking and commenting on each others content.

You don’t actually have a great deal of potential buyers or meaningful interactions and this is why conversions are low.

The solution?

Start with low value high engagement posts but then transition into high value content posts which speak directly to your ideal customer and address their pain points.

What will soon happen is you will begin to attract your ideal customers (people interacting with your content because it resonates with them and not just because they want you to interact with theirs).

My vision has always been to train and educate members into powerful and effective marketers.

Help them create transformations in their mindset and marketing decisions.

And once they have the mindset, tools, skills and resources to be brilliant marketers, and only then, we will unleash an unrivaled paid advertising strategy where they can promote this program for some serious returns.

Onwards and upwards.