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Turning Traffic Into Customers

The goal of everything you are doing online should be to convert the your website traffic into customers who are buying products where you earn an income. However, that is not a straight path from A to B.

If you just take the traffic and send it to a page with a product or opportunity for sale, then you will lose. You will not get any consistent signups. I can state that as an absolute fact after almost 12 years of helping people turn traffic into customers.

People do not buy the first time they see something for sale, and they do not buy from strangers. They want to buy from people who they know, like, and trust. If you don’t try to build trust first, then you will always struggle to make sales. If you DO build trust first, then they will buy from you over and over again.

You have to stop trying to do this:

Stranger –> Paying Customer

and start doing this instead:

Stranger –> Subscriber –> Friend –> Paying Customer

The first way doesn’t work. The second works like a charm … over and over again … in any niche.

You turn a stranger into a subscriber by PROMISING to help them. You turn a subscriber into a friend by ACTUALLY helping them. Once you do that, then turning a friend into a paying customer is as simple as ASKING.