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Back in 2014, I had no idea what traffic even was.

To my mind, it was just something we had to sit in to and from work in my home town.

I was like a new born puppy.

I knew nothing, and understood even less.

But, just like a puppy, I was eager to learn.

I remember that time vividly.

I didn’t have a successful business yet.

I had no results to speak of, and really no skin in the game.

But I did have the deep desire to learn new things, and absorb everything I could.

I guess you could say I became a great student of the game.

In the following months I buried myself in deep work, reading, watching, learning and absorbing new information about how to turn cold traffic into warm traffic.

And a few months later I had popped my first $800 sale.

I remember it clearly and that feeling was just crazy.

Now that I had a fair idea of how online traffic works, I decided to keep on learning, and diving deeper into the rabbit hole.

And I kept raising the bar month after month.

Eventually I hit:

$1,000 a month
$2,000 a month
$5,000 a month
$10,000 a month

And the crazy part is, this just became normal.

A psychological barrier was overcome and now the best part of this wasn’t even how much money could be made, but just what is actually possible when you have this hungry mindset.

I became obsessed with beating my own numbers.

I viewed it as a game, a challenge, and detached myself from the money.

I kind of made an equation that went roughly like this

X amount of psychological shift + new learning = X amount of money.

And then worked out what I had to do the next month to get to that next goal I had set for myself.

And that’s the whole point.

We often forget about the bigger picture, we hit a certain goal and our appetite is full.

We stop learning, and stop growing.

But, just like a puppy, we have to always be eager to learn, and hungry.

With this mindset, we will always keep breaking new levels and reaching new points.

Stay hungry!