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Have you earned the right?

We always see online marketers talking about how valuable their time is, and rightly so, but what about your prospects time?

By giving you their attention they are giving you their time which is, as we proclaim ourselves, so valuable.

So just as we demand our time be respected the same attitude should be applied to our prospects and customers.

Just because they signed up to your newsletter and it was free doesn’t mean you don’t have to show up and provide value.

It doesn’t give you the right to demand they attend every webinar, promote every product, and share every video.

Yes, they did not pay with cash, but they are giving you their attention, something far more valuable.

When we begin to treat our prospects in this way and respect their time, and earn the right to have their attention, everything changes.

Ask yourself.

“Why should they listen to me?”

“Why should they open my email first, before the other marketers in their inbox?”

“Why should they register for my webinar?”

“Promote my product?”

Have you earned the right for them to stop what they are doing and give you their full attention?

If not, then think about how you can create more value for them and create a point of difference to separate you from the market place.

Remember very good is the opposite of remarkable.

“Very good” is very common and it doesn’t earn you the right to have prospects attention.

So you have to be remarkable, you have to create something called “extraordinary value” and this is where you will see the difference.

So next time you think about messaging prospects, just ask yourself if you have truly earned the right to have their attention, and if not, then what can you do to do so.