Blog Post


Making a cool engaging post and dishing out an affiliate link isn’t enough.

A lot of people misunderstand this process and overlook the most important part. You have to understand firstly what content is. What purpose does it serve.

The way to look at your content is that it’s the very thing that brings your prospect from where they are right now, to where they want to be. It facilitates the process and resonates with them because they can relate to the things you’re talking about.

Naturally, during the process, it brings them closer to you and that’s when your product or service should be aligned with the core message your putting out there. The sale or monetization is simply just an extension of the valuable content you’ve been distributing.

And that’s when you can begin putting it all together whether it’s a product launch, a software or a course you’re offering. You have to start thinking of your content in this way, or you will be left behind.

Too many people are just posting content because they’ve been told to. They aren’t thinking about that all important bridge the prospect wants to cross and how you can help them get there. The next time you publish a piece of content, think about the one key thing you can help your prospect with to get to their ultimate destination.