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Why you have to build your email list

So last time we spoke I was talking about creating a lead magnet to start building an email list.  It’s important because you can use that lead magnet to build your list in several different ways.

The next couple of steps I am not going to go into massive detail on because we have a lot to cover, and it’s fairly basic technical stuff that you can youtube for clarity, but I do want to give you the map.

Step 1 – So after you have your lead magnet what I want you do do is create a list in your autoresponder to collect people that will sign up to get that lead magnet.

Step 2 – Create a “Welcome Email” for your subscribers to get as soon as they sign up for your lead magnet.  This Welcome Email is going to contain a link to your lead magnet.  What should it look like?  Just be nice, welcome them to the community, give them a link to your lead magnet, and let them know they can reach out to you with any questions they have at all.

Step 3 – Create a squeeze page with an opt-in on it that will put people on the list you just created when they sign up for your lead magnet.  What should that squeeze page look like?  I want you to look at the top 5 blogs in your niche and see what their squeeze pages and opt-in’s look like.  Model yours after what is working.

Step 4 – Redirect the people who opt-in for your lead magnet to a congruent affiliate offer with a high conversion rate (10% or better is nice).  SO what will happen now when they opt-in is 2 things.  One, they will go on your list, where their lead magnet will be delivered, and Two, they will be redirected to a helpful affiliate offer that could potentially make you money.

Step 5 – I want you to write 5 emails for your autoresponder sequence.  This will give you the “Welcome Email” and 5 more.  Don’t pitch in these emails.  Their purpose is to help to build rapport with your prospects.  Include some entertainment value in the form of story and a lesson or actionable content or takeaway for your prospects.

Step 6 – Drive traffic to your opt-in.  We’ll talk more about traffic in future weeks but for now it’s enough that you have a plan to get traffic there.  So let’s talk about that.

Below are ways that you can drive traffic to your squeeze page:

Start a simple youtube channel in your niche.  Publish no less than once a week on a helpful topic in your niche.  Focus on the same thing you focus on in emails.  Entertainment value and actionable content.  Pitch your lead magnet in every single video you publish.  Youtube is a social platform.  The best way to grow your channel is to check in on other channels in your niche routinely and comment.  Your name is a link and will drive traffic back to your channel.

Start a simple public facebook group on the subject of your niche.  You can pin a link to your lead magnet at the top of the group and you can advertise it in the banner space above.  Build your facebook group with like-minded people who have an interest in your niche.  You can do this by finding them in other groups and friending them (no more than 10 people a day).  Just pe a part of the scene in those groups, publish about your group on your profile every couple of days and you will be surprised at how fast your group will grow.

Affiliate marketing bonus spots.  As you build your list a great thing to help build a little revenue for you is some affiliate marketing.  You can not only use affiliate marketing to make money though, you can also use it to build your list even more.  Here’s how.  When you are going to promote a product for someone, reach out to them and ask if you can have a bonus spot on the product launch.  This is where they let you give away one of your products on their download page.  All you have to do is give them a link to your squeeze page and a name and/or cover of the lead magnet.  Now when customers buy their product, they will also get yours for free in exchange for an email.  This is a great way to build a responsive list of buyers.

Alright, that is a lot to get done, and a lot to think about.  So I want you to work hard on this stuff and remember, it doesn’t matter the pace at which you are moving forward…it only matters that you ARE moving forward.

I rarely see people fail who keep their businesses moving forward, no matter how slow.  It’s when we stop…when we stagnate, that things begin to fall apart.