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Some Say It Can’t Be Done

That makes it definitely the biggest launch of the year so far in our niche. It also makes it the best converting launch in 2020. Some people have told me that others in our niche are saying that those numbers are not possible. Their launches only a get a few hundred members in the first couple of weeks. For them, I share the following quote …

“Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those that are doing it.” – George Bernard Shaw

High conversions are possible, if you have a compelling offer and get it in front of enough of the right people. Most offers that people promote online just are not that compelling, or they are showing it to the wrong people.

If you are not getting enough signups for your product or business opportunity, then the problem is most likely:

1. The offer just isn’t compelling enough that people feel that they MUST join it, or

2. You are not showing the offer to enough of the right people who would not be interested in it.

Just because YOU THINK that your product or opportunity is awesome doesn’t mean that the people you are talking to think the same way. If they aren’t signing up, then that is evidence that they disagree with you. It isn’t personal, but that information is valuable.

You need to realize that the market is giving you feedback when they DON’T respond. They are telling you that you need to make changes. If you ignore what the market is telling you, then you will not accomplish your goal because the market IS the ONLY judge and jury on your offer.

It doesn’t matter what we think. It only matters what the market (your potential customers) think.

The marketer or salesperson who understands the desires and needs of the market the best, is the one who will get the sale.

Do you understand the needs and desires of your ideal customer?

Does your product or service address those needs and offer a compelling way to solve their problems?

Does your ideal customer agree with you?

If you need help, let me know.