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Stay with me on this one.

I promise by the end of this post this will make perfect sense and you will agree that 100 is in fact more than 1 million.

Imagine this scenario. Let’s say you’re running a cake business specializing in bespoke cakes for special occasions based in the London area.

Who are the people you want to reach out to the most? People who are looking for cakes?

People search for “cakes” for all sorts of reasons online. Some want to bake their own. Some may be wondering about what goes into a cake, and others might just be a bit peckish. Some may even be on some sort of diet and curious about how many calories go into cakes.

So in this situation, your targeted traffic are those people who are searching for special occasion cakes in the London area. People who live in London and are searching for a specially designed cake for a special occasion.

India has 566 million Internet users. But should you care? No. Your target audience and the people you want to reach arethose who live in London. A special occasion bakery who attracts the attention of 100 people who are have a “big day” coming up in London will be far more successful than those who attract 1 Million people with birthdays coming up in India.

As a business owner you must identify and determine who your target audience is. Business owners who understand this at a deep level will reap the long term benefits. Since 2013, my traffic has been dedicated to delivering the most targeted traffic in the MMO/BizOpp niche.

If you are in this space and still trying to figure out who your target audience are, or where they hang out, don’t worry.

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