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Test your emails !

Do you test emails to make sure they hit your customer’s Primary inbox? If you’re not currently doing this then most of your marketing emails will be either entering the promo tab or worse the spam folder in your customer’s email inbox.

It’s essential therefore that you learn some tactics to direct your emails into the primary tab to maximise conversions. Emails hitting the promo tab will lose you tons of money so it’s time to change things up.

Here are some of the ways we tweak our client’s emails to ensure Primary tab presence.

– Ensuring text-based emails for new customers
– Keeping only 1 link within your email (Preferably with associated anchor text)

When it comes to text-based emails for new customers you should keep it plain and simple text only. Hesitate the use of videos, pictures and fancy graphics as this will have your emails rocking up in the danger zone. These type of emails can be sent once the customer has opened and engaged with several of your previous emails.

A great way I and my team do this is by sending an order confirmation email that is text-based straight after the customer purchases. Around 80% of customers open order confirmation emails so this usually does the trick.

If you want any further information on this or any other email marketing tactic be sure to DM me and I’d be happy to help!