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When it comes to selecting traffic sources most people get this the wrong way round.

The thinking is often flawed.

It’s like this.

Too many marketers get too attached to their offer and don’t respect the rules of traffic.

For example, if your offer doesn’t convert with FB Ads, or Email Ads, the problem isn’t the traffic, it’s the offer (or the way it’s presented).

Advertising is a science.

That’s why we use stats so much.

So, really you have to understand the traffic source you are using, and then tweak your funnel for that particular traffic source.

It’s no good being stubborn and saying “no this funnel converts like crazy with my Youtube Ads, I won’t change it”.

It’s a completely different thing.

You have to speak the same language as your traffic source, and know what sort of funnels convert with what sort of traffic.

This is a a big reason why people find it hard to scale, because they are so comfortable with one traffic source, they refuse to change anything to scale on other platforms.

It’s because they have it the wrong way round.

Don’t worry about the traffic source working or not.

Just be aware of how you are going to monetize, and then research what type of funnels + ad copy resonates with that platform, and build a funnel around your core offer.

Something I have done with my upcoming traffic masters course is break down exactly what sort of funnel works for what type of offers.

And the traffic source to go with it.

It’s crucial to get the messaging correct in your funnel.

That’s the key.

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