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Some of the marketing I see is honestly beyond belief.

It goes something like this.

*Post a generic lifestyle picture*

“Want to be like me?

You HAVE to get a mentor.

You HAVE to join what I just joined.

Without a $10k mentor you cant’ succeed.

By the way I haven’t actually succeeded.

I have just been told to recruit people into this “mentorship” program, and you will be told to do the same.

You won’t really learn anything along the way but you may pop the odd sale or two if people ask you how you are travelling all the time and you attribute it to this special mentorship.”

I mean, come on.

Where is the art in that.

Where is the marketing?

Where is the actual long term skill sets.

It’s just lazy marketing.

There is no substance to it.

And it’s becoming a pandemic.

The more you do this, the more damage you do long term.

Shout out to all the real marketers.