Blog Post


I am nothing special.

Far from it in fact.

I have absolutely no business or marketing background, no family business, and no experience.

But the one thing I believe I done better than most is quickly understood how the game is played.

Through an obsession to win and a healthy work ethic I figured out pretty quickly how things work in this industry.

And with that you can avoid mistakes and leverage opportunities.

Internet marketing can often be choppy waters and knowing how to navigate them safely is often half the battle.

It certainly was for me “back in the day”.

When you completely understand how the game works you gain absolute clarity and focus.

It enables you to move faster, make the right decisions and attract the right sort of opportunities.

You avoid being pulled in one direction, and then the next which only ever leads to overwhelm and no real progress.

You go from wanting to “join” opportunities to creating your own.

From paying others to manage your advertising to doing it yourself.

To hiring someone to make a high converting funnel to knowing exactly how to create your very own.

To being in “awe” of someone on stage to delivering the content yourself.

This is how the game is played.

It always starts with mindset.

Every single time.