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When it comes to your list, bigger isn’t always necessarily better.

You will always hear that the phrase the “money is in the list”, and in many ways it is.

But to be more specific, the money is in the relationship you have with the list.

Or you can say the quality of that list.

Despite what you have heard you don’t need to have a huge list in order to get results.

What really matters is how engaged your subscribers are and how you actually nurture and cultivate those leads.

It’s about how many “super subscribers” you have who buy whatever you recommend.

You want to be at the point where your list reliably churns out moolah every time you send an email.

This creates options, and more importantly leverage.

When I build any list a key factor I always control is their point of entry into the list.

Free lead magnets are cool.

But what you really want to do is find a way to segment those subscribers who display “buyers intent”.

And then create a completely different sequence for these leads.

When this is done right, you begin to build your super active buyers list.

So how can you do this?

One of the easiest way is to have a low end tripwire offer and see who bites.

Once you have people showing real buying intent you can begin treating these subscribers differently and maximizing their lifetime value.

People often wonder why they don’t get any high ticket sales after throwing a couple thousand clicks at the offer.

Well because you’re doing it the wrong way round.

You build buyers trust and loyalty on the front end and then nurture these subscribers.

Then you don’t just chuck some random high ticket offer at them.

The idea now is you see what they need, what is the next step.

And how can you deliver it.

You then create an offer around that and deliver it from a place of true value.