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Whenever you begin to make moves there will be a couple of people hating, trolling or calling you names.

Regardless of how good your product or content is, you will always get a small handful of people who will have nasty and negative things to say.

These people are NEVER potential customers of yours.

These individuals are the ones usually with mindset issues.

The biggest mindset issue of all?

Victim mentality.

Out of all mindset issues there are this is probably the most common and pervasive poor person’s mindset I see out there.

These people always view themselves as victims.

Victims of their situation

Victims of other people taking advantage of them

Victims of “bad luck”

If you look in the comment section of any of the big players ads, you will always find some people calling them a fraud or a scammer.

The successful among us, the leaders, and those who are a positive force in our world, don’t use words like “scam” or “fraud”.

They don’t hit dislike buttons and they never give bad reviews.

Instead, they focus on centering our mindset daily.

They look for the best in every person and every situation.

I’ll give you a personal example.

I’ve recently made it a new habit to always hit the like button and give five start reviews.

Before with things like Just Eat and Uber, I would often search for flaws int he service.

And occasionally even give mediocre or bad reviews.

But ultimately I realised this was a mindset issue.

These days I always send people love and gratitude, even if they didn’t do a perfect job or something wasn’t quite right.

I always give five star reviews.

And hit the like button.


Because the energy I put out there affects my own state.

The moment I feel negativity towards a person or a situation, such as frustration, anger, resentment etc

I immediately replace it with love and gratitude ❤️

And all real leaders I know do the same.

They don’t have the time or energy for drama, negativity and bullshit.

The moment negativity enters their mind and body they center their mindset and return to a state of love and gratitude.

Whenever someone leaves you a nasty comment, calls you names or starts trolling and hating you in some shape and form, it’s them acting out their own mindset problems.

As a leader you always want to surround yourself with other amazing leaders who are ahead of you in terms of mindset and be protective of the environment you’re exposed to.

Minimize the time you spend around people who display victim mentality and hide, block or ban them if it’s necessary.