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You Need More Traffic

The biggest problem that most beginning businesses have is simply that they cannot get enough attention. If you don’t have enough attention from people who may become signups or customers, then you have no hope of success.

For online businesses, like you and I run, that attention comes in the form of prospects visitor your website or your signup pages. For that reason, you cannot ever have enough quality website traffic.

There are two primary ways to get website traffic from people who are not already on your list.

1. You can buy it.

There is an unlimited amount of traffic that can be purchased from thousands of sources. You just need to make sure that you aren’t paying more to acquire a new customer than you are earning from them. The only way to do this is to target well and do lots of testing.

2. You can earn it.

Instead of trading money for traffic, you can trade your time by working for traffic. This is what people do when they use traffic exchanges, safelists, create YouTube videos, blog, search engine optimization, and all free social media strategies. This is great for people with more time than money to invest in their businesses. It is also a low cost way to test your pages and funnels.

If you are going to earn your traffic, then you want to get as many good quality visitors for every hour you spend working. This means paying close attention to what traffic sites are most efficient.