Blog Post


These words have been my fuel for the past 6 years.

I am at my most effective when someone tells me I cannot do something.When I have something to prove, I enter into a lazer focused trance like state and make sure it gets done.

When I am doubted, looked down at and not taken seriously it drives me to a point where I become obsessed with my mission.

Yes I love proving people wrong.

Not in a weird and bitter way.But in a sort of “I will show you” way.The same people who doubted me and even laughed at me are the same people who now ask me for business advice.

The same people who said “you can’t just sit at a laptop for a career” are the same people who ask me how they can start a profitable online business from anywhere in the world.

I have proved the doubters wrong.And it feels good.The next step is to continue with the mission and spread the message with others.

Now I have changed my life its time to change some others.Time to reach back and pull some people up, empower and elevate their business, marketing and mindset to the next level.

Kinda looks like this “online thing” might just work out after all.