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I’m not talking about crypto.

And I’m certainly not talking about the US dollar.

If you really think about it money itself actually has no intrinsic value.

Ultimately money is only worth something because we believe it is.

So what is the most valuable currency online?

Well it’s a little thing called “Goodwill”

A lot of people over look this priceless currency in exchange for dollars.

And it’s a huge mistake.

You have to be willing to sacrifice short term gains for long term growth.

How much goodwill do you have in your community?

This is absolutely crucial to having real results online.

People like to do business with people they feel close to, can trust and they like.

The good old like, trust and know formula is more powerful today as it has ever has been.

The more goodwill you have built up in your community and with your audience, the more value you have in your possession.

Let me explain.

It’s like a currency.

And in the same way you would give attention and care to tangible assets, the same way you should be treating that goodwill between you and your audience.

The idea is to keep the goodwill high all year round, with valuable content and create loyal engagement.

Once you have this you can exchange that goodwill for fiat money, in the form of a course, membership site or product.

It doesn’t really matter, but the point is you need to build up enough value and goodwill that it enables you to make this exchange.

This is why people who try to sell something online but get no results are left confused.

They are trying to take before they give.

You should be giving 90% of the time.

The key is to know when to strike at the right time, and getting the balance right.

If you are shoving a new product or offer down your audience throat every month, you are doing it wrong.

It will deplete your goodwill pretty fast.

And that’s not a viable long term strategy.

Most people build up some goodwill and then they spend it too fast, they get wide eyed and delirious and start spamming their audience with offers too frequently.

You have to give enough valuable content, build up the good will until it’s super high and then ask for something in return.

Not the other way around.

So the next time you think about making an offer, ask yourself if you have built up enough good will to truly make this exchange.