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Blog Traffic

The number one question that’s asked of new bloggers – how do I get more blog traffic? Well, the answer is pretty simple, if you can simply write and post quality content on your blog and/or website – you’ll get more readers. A blog is simply like a journal or journal entries that you put up on your own website, and this means that your readers are already anticipating getting to know more about you – and because of that, you are going to get a much higher volume of traffic. The key is the way that you present your content. That’s the secret I am going to give you below.

If you can’t be bothered to write the quality content that they want, then it’s not going to do you much good, it will do you even less good if you are an expert in the field, it will do you even more of a disservice if you are just a good writer.

What do you have to do?

Now, you might be saying, what do I write? Well, there are many ways that I could conceivably write, here are a few that I have used in the past but I still find myself finding new ways to use them today…

Filedropper: Filedropper is a service that I found on the internet that has changed my life, I have found it the easiest way to submit new posts to my blog.

Blog Traffic

Pinging Service: I have used this often with my pingomatic plugin, and I just love it. It’s so easy, every time I run the plugin, I am blown away by the results. It’s just amazing.

Sendshark: I’m not that big on a weblog service, I just don’t like the idea of all those site owners getting to see what I’m writing, It’s not worth the risk, I guess. However, Sendshark works well and is completely anonymous.

I use Sendshark in a few ways with my blog, it doesn’t really add any value in a big impactful way, but it does add more value to my life. It allows me to reply to comments that I feel are interesting, I reply to each of the comments with my own content, I’m the author of the comments. You can reply anonymously too with a link but I don’t do this. I do my own posts on the relevant post.

With this plugin set up correctly, you will see results.

# of posts: I don’t like using this to figure out the results, because I don’t know what the number of posts is in a day.

Suffice to say, you will see this in the plugin and you will know in the plugin.

# of views: I like to see this in the plugin because I want to know what I am getting views on, I find this to be a good indicator of what people are interested in.

Quality of posts: I find this to be a good indicator of what people are getting into, I usually look for posts that have a specific theme that they are writing for. I just think it’s easier to type in a topic that you are interested in and post a question to the thread. This tells me if people are getting into good discussions that are giving good info.

That should help with your blog traffic.

You should start to notice the numbers start to climb.

When you put this on in the day, you should see your traffic start to increase but keep in mind you are not getting views and you’re not getting views from people who are commenting. The more people that are commenting on your posts the more views you are going to see. If you are not getting any views, keep trying to get views. When you see people who are commenting on your post, you should be able to generate a good number of views. You can also generate a good number of views by clicking on the backlink and posting a question to the same thread.

When you click the backlink, you will be able to post a question and anyone who is interested in the topic will be able to reply. This will begin to generate more views, views that you will not have to do manually. You will see this in your view stats and you will be able to see why you are getting no views.

I hope this helps.

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