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So here we are.

The big one.

The enigma of internet marketing that so few manage to crack. And it’s because most people are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking “where can I get traffic that converts”? You should be asking, “How can I create a unique brand so irresistible that it will magnetize people towards my offer”?

This is the big picture so many people keep missing. Traffic is just people. And last time I checked people are in plentiful supply. The majority of human beings want a better life, more money, better health, happier relationships. It’s your job to demonstrate you can can help them achieve that through your process, product, service or offer. That’s marketing. The best marketers get the best traffic, because they have the best offer.

They communicate the most targeted message. It’s all interlinked. If you want to start generating big results you need to start thinking of traffic as people and not just numbers. Start thinking in terms of building your audience rather than just building your list.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The old linear sales funnel is obsolete.

We are in a time now where prospects expect to be communicated with in different ways, multi-faceted and across multiple channels. “The money is in the list” refers to the money being in the “relationship” with the list. Don’t make the mistake of thinking having a list equates to having an income. You need more than that. Start with the follow up. Your email follow ups should do more than just sell.

They should do more than just give away a bonus. You need to connect emotionally, provide real tangible value and pave the way for your subscriber to get closer to their goal. Understanding people will be your biggest asset in your online journey. Until you understand the way people think and behave you won’t be able to maximize your ROI.

This is why so many people fail to find “traffic that converts”. It’s because they fail to understand what people really want.