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Marketing is changing.

From chat bots, live agents, AI and other intelligent agents the customer journey is completely different in today’s world.

The classic sales funnel is no longer as effective as it once was.

The way we interact with our customer has changed, and we have to keep up with the trends.

Those marketers that adopt a more customer experience-oriented approach versus a product awareness-oriented approach will come out on top.

You have to start thinking about your marketing in terms of ecosystems now, where every touch-point within that system is a unique customer experience that gives them a deeper sense of loyalty and higher engagement.

For example, you send out an email, that is a touch point, you write a blog post, another touch point, upload a Youtube video, that’s another touch point.

The more meaningful touch points you can have along the customer journey the better ROI you can expect.

And those marketers who embrace this new way of thinking are the ones who will come out on top.

The traditional sales funnel is too linear in today’s world.

The internet and social media has become so vast and crowded consumers no longer abide by the simple linear sales funnel.

They consume and “buy” in different ways and so we, as marketers, have to adapt and respond to this.

We have to expose them to a new system, an all encompassing ecosystem where they can experience our brand and messaging through various mediums.