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Affiliate Marketing With the Right Products in Order to Make It Work 100%

Best affiliate marketing programs and high ticket commissions for 2021?

In this article, I’m going to answer the question of why it’s so hard finding the high-ticket affiliate programs with the best commissions right now. Now that you’ve read this article you’ll know the importance of checking affiliate program rankings regularly.

If you want to find a high ticket affiliate program that pays 50% commissions and older you need to be careful about what you choose. There are so many affiliate programs, both new and established, that claim to offer you a high ticket offer, but they only offer you one product and not even one of the best.

You also need to be careful about which products they sell. You don’t want to promote a product that’s dead on paper. You have to believe in the product to make it work.

And the commission paid has to be a high commission rate. You want a commission that’s worth working 40 hours a week for. You only make money when you can work at your own time and place.

You need the product with a great sales page to sell. The sales page has to be able to convince you to buy the product. You can’t afford to promote a web page that looks like photocopied from one of the thousands of affiliate marketing websites available online.

What you’ll find after checking affiliate program rankings and keeping an eye on affiliate programs is that the majority of the high ticket products have discontinued offering products altogether. If they cease marketing they will cease paying commissions and so will you.

The second thing to check for is if the product owner has retained all their affiliate commissions. Some affiliate owners don’t even know how many they earn and when they do they only keep statistics for the last six months. Don’t bother promoting products for that long ago! You may be wasting your time.

So, if you want to find high ticket affiliate programs that pay 50% commissions or more and that you can trust you need to be very, very careful. It’s not enough to check for products that are only selling for one year. You need to check for the affiliate program owner that still retains all their commissions and is still paying commissions, which is another sign the commissions are high and the quality is of good quality.

The third sign is the commission percentage paid. You want a high commission percentage, preferably 50%. The reason you want this is that you want to leave 100% of your sales to the affiliate program. If the commission is 50% and you only receive $50 from each sale then you’re left with the task of finding a few people to purchase the product you are selling.

With some products, you can leave more than 50% of sales to the affiliate website. With less expensive items it might be only 35%. So, be careful and check for these signs. And the fourth sign is the commission amount paid. The amount should be high enough that you need to pay $50 or $100 just to earn what you earn from the product. That’s why you want high commissions. You don’t want to break even with low commission products.

And the fifth sign is the sales page you should be careful of. If the sales page looks too easy and too convincing. For example, the product is selling like hotcakes for sale for $97 you should not get into promoting it. The sales page should look as convincing as possible to entice the customer to buy. And the sales page should also look convincing to your customers.

This is crucial. If the product owner sells the product like crazy and the sales page for customers not convincing enough then customers may assume the product is a scam and they will leave without spending any money.

Here I have briefly discussed the basics of deciding on affiliate products. It’s not as easy as it sounds. And the hard fact is most affiliates do not make a huge amount of money with their program. But I hope I have given you some tips on where you should be focusing your attention.
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