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Here are 3 simple (and often overlooked) tips to boost traffic directly to your website.

1.) The Co-Partner Method.

This method basically involves partnering up with someone.You simply partner up with someone else in your niche and do a joint podcast or interview.This is hugely effective because now you have your partners audience on your content and vice versa.It’s a win-win.You might be saying “I have no content to present”.That’s a whole issue in itself but here is a quick fix.Just interview someone with a large audience/following.Invite them as a special guest on your blog or podcast and tell them your eager to pick their brains.Very few people will resist the chance to massage their ego and it’s an effective form of flattery.When they share the interview with their audience all of those followers will then have eyeballs on you.And you drive them to your website.

2.) Create incentive.

Why do the product launches with the biggest prizes usually get the best results?Because there is massive incentive here for people to promote and share in order to win the big prize.It doesn’t always have to be cash.For example you can do something like this:”WHO WANT’S MY HIGHEST CONVERTING SQUEEZE PAGE, LIKE AND SHARE THIS WITH 3 PEOPLE FOR A CHANCE TO ACCESS IT”Not the best example.But you get the point..(I hope).Just create incentive and give people a reason to share your posts.

3.) Re-targeting

You should have a pop up capture page and re-targeting pixel for both Facebook and Google on your website.It sounds simple but a lot of people over look this very simple method.One of the easiest and quickest way to get traffic to your website is re-target people who have already been on there.It also gives you a much higher chance of getting a conversion since they already know you a little.A lot of people think this is complicated and expensive but it’s really not.The entire process of how to set up a YT re-targeting ad is available on Youtube itself and if you haven’t used platforms like Google Adwords before they often give coupons to use for advertising.So at least you can make a start.Hope this helps and if it did, please do share this post..